Hi, I’m Erica.
I tell stories.

Hi, I’m Erica. I tell stories.

For the past seven years, my life has revolved around telling people’s stories: writing them, photographing them, filming them. I’m always on the hunt for the next story, whether that’s during my day job as communications manager for the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech or in my spare time as a freelance writer. My work has taken me around the globe, but also allows me to tell hyper-local stories.


Since my early days toting around a 10-cent spiral-bound notebook and writing down my childhood as it happened, I’ve always been a writer first and foremost. I seek out and pitch stories and constantly work to hone the craft.


From shooting on the sidelines of a Virginia Tech football game to composing portraits, I have a self-trained eye and advanced technical understanding of photography.


Though it’s my newest skillset, I’m pivoting to video and tenaciously pursuing training opportunities, trying new filming techniques, and improving my production process.


  • Meet Jenna Ware. She’s the self-proclaimed “liberal Democrat Jewish transsexual” widow of a “conservative Christian Republican 40 years older” who founded one of Virginia Tech’s most popular on-campus labs. She let me ride shotgun in her Cessna over Camarillo Airport in California for the production of this video and the accompanying written story.
  • When a mechanical engineering lab at Virginia Tech gets a shiny new piece of equipment, you show up with a camera. For this quick social video, I interviewed a professor and one of his students and filmed the whole process of unloading the equipment from the truck into the lab.
  • Jamie Marraccini and his company, Inertial Labs, Inc, generously gifted 16 motion capture suits to Virginia Tech. For this video, I met and interviewed Marraccini at his office in Paeonian Springs, Virginia and then captured some slow-motion footage (my first time shooting slo-mo!) of his training sessions here on campus. This became one of our most-viewed videos in 2017, and served as a great promo video for the written story.
  • For this one, I trailed an undergraduate design team to SpaceX in Hawthorne, California as they raced to invent a fifth mode of transportation during a competition in August 2017. I filmed a few more recent interviews to include this updated video in my story for Virginia Tech Engineer.

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